PENCIL facilitates collaborations between local businesses and over 100 high needs public schools in NYC. The Meringoff Family Foundation’s significant multiyear support of the PENCIL Fellows has transformed a small summer internship program into one of the organization’s signature initiatives, now providing rigorous job training during the school year in advance of substantive summer employment and mentorship opportunities for 200 high achieving students. Nearly all Fellows go on to be the first generation of their family to attend college.  

For many years, Stephen Meringoff served on PENCIL’s Board of Directors.

“Not only has Mr. Meringoff been a role model and a mentor to me—he’s also inspired my community. My story and the opportunities Mr. Meringoff has given me have inspired my peers to dream big and pursue greatness.”
– Shyam Nooredeen, 2010 PENCIL Fellow at Meringoff Properties  (After his Fellowship, Shyam was hired to work full-time at Meringoff Properties and stayed for four years.  Shyam moved on, and continues to thrive in NYC's corporate workforce.)