Breakthrough NY

BTNY works intensively with high achieving, low-income public school students to prepare them for attending, and thriving at, an academically rigorous high school.  While these high schools can vary – public, private, or parochial – they will prepare Breakthrough students for matriculating to a highly selective college.

The Foundation has pledged multiyear support for BTNY’s College Persistence program, which expands the organization’s reach by helping its high school grads succeed in college.  This new program deploys peer mentorship, social supports, and summer internship opportunities to ensure that these first generation college students thrive in school, graduate on time, and move on to meaningful job opportunities.

“Without the college persistence program, I would have gotten behind on my bills because I didn't know what to do with the financial aid office.  Also, it was helpful to have someone checking in on me to make sure I was OK because I was on my own for the first time.”