LIFT (Legal Information for Families Today) provides free legal information, community education, and compassionate guidance to families embroiled in the New York Family Courts.  With over 80% of families with cases in Family Court not qualifying for a court-appointed attorney and unable to hire private counsel, LIFT’s services are vital to families in crisis as they attempt to navigate a complex and confusing legal system.

Gen 2 renewal support will allow LIFT to design and pilot a workshop for young parents grappling with child support, custody, visitation or domestic violence issues.  This new series is based on LIFT's existing and highly successful parenting workshops (which Gen 2 previously supported), but specifically addresses the needs of parents with less maturity and fewer life experiences to draw upon.  Both sets of workshops seek to help parents build healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families, and develop stronger bonds with children and co-parents. 

“A great part of the program was hearing how other parents handle problems. I realized that many other people have similar challenges. In the workshops, I learned how to be patient. Now I spend more time – quality time – with my kids.”